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Journalist specializing in social media, marketing, digital media, editorials, politics, small business pets/animals and humor.

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Screen shot 2016 05 18 at 11.53.00 am article

Inkitt: Using Algorithms to Open Doors for Indie Authors to Become Bestsellers - BookWorks

With over a half-million users globally, this platform provides self-publishing authors with a bigger bang for their self-publishing efforts.

Cover article

Social Network Tsū Video Contest To Reward Indie Songwriters $22K - BookWorks

Social Network Tsū Video Contest To Reward Indie So...

Medium article

Medium: In Search Of A Medium for Self-Publishers

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams was in the hunt for the longer tweet when he founded and launched a new software platform to address the issue in August 2012, named Medium.

Obama cover article

Open eBooks for Children: Future Opportunity for Indie Authors

When indie authors are accepted, it would allow both veteran and newbie authors to have their work judged and vetted by their target audience.

Instagram twitter banner article

Instagram vs. Twitter Advertising for Indie Authors

In today’s post, we’re going to zero in on how two social networks are upping the ante to target self-publishers with some unique advertising opportunities that are cost-efficient.

Header for aerio article Turns Self-Publishers Websites into Point-of-Sale

Do you have a website for your book? Does your website also serve as a storefront? Are you selling a lot of books from the storefront on your website?

Screen shot 2016 01 15 at 8.40.14 am article

Artisanal Publishing vs Self-Publishing

Author Alexander Greenwood pointed to the emergence of the ‘artisanal author’ as a differentiator in distinguishing the self-publishers of the past -

Screen shot 2015 12 30 at 9.46.14 am article

2016 Predictions for the Self-Publishing Industry - BookWorks

2016 Predictions for the Self-Publishing Industry -...

Reedsy article

Free Reedsy Book Editor For Indie Authors

Winning the ‘BookTech Company of the Year’ Award at the FutureBook Conference on December 4th in London helped put Reedsy on the map. . .

Screen shot 2015 12 03 at 11.20.35 am article

HarperCollins Goes Indie?

HarperCollins Publishing LLC is one of the “Big Five” publishing houses, alongside Hachette, Holtzbrinck/MacMillan, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster.

Dan poynter article

Self-Publishing Luminary Dan Poynter Blazed Trail For Indie Writers

As a visionary, the real-life journey of Dan Poynter is a poignant tale of one of the first proponents of self-publishing, decades before digital technology transitioned the field from traditional publishers to the go-it-alone author.

Screen shot 2015 11 06 at 8.30.18 am article

Pronoun, Another Self-Publishing Tech Advancement or Cure-All for Indie Authors? - BookWorks

Pronoun, Another Self-Publishing Tech Advancement o...

1456666 top 15 blogs for indie authors part ii bookworks article

Top 15 Blogs for Indie Authors - Part II - BookWorks

Top 15 Blogs for Indie Authors - Part II - BookWork...

Screen shot 2015 10 09 at 8.15.53 am article

Top 15 Blogs for Indie Authors – Part II

This is Part II of a three-part series, where we will highlight another top five blogs out of fifteen [Part I can be found here.] Today, we bring you 6-10.

Screen shot 2015 09 10 at 1.28.34 pm article

The New Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the unauthorized appropriation of other people’s ideas, processes or text without crediting it with the appropriate attribution.