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VoIP Security Tips for Business Users

Since VoIP requires Internet infrastructure to send and receive voice communication, it can face some of the same security issues online users have experienced with their computers.

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U.S. Winner Of James Dyson’s International Design Competition

The EcoHelmet designed by Pratt Institute Industrial Design student Isis Shiffer was selected as the U.S. 2016 National Winner - See more at:

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VoIP Softphones vs IP Phones

Focusing on the definitions and differences between softphones and IP phones.

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Are Zoos & Animal Captivity Outdated Paradigms?

Experts are now weighing in on this issue regarding what else can be done for not only captive animals, but those on the endangered species list as well.

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Pokémon Go’s Mantra ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ Includes Small Business

Initially one might think it a stretch that a virtual reality game, which appeals to a ‘gamer’ demographic, could gain such widespread acceptance among other groups.

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VoIP Terminology from A to Z

Providing you with a quick and easy primer to understand the A to Z’s of using Voice over Internet Protocol.

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Are Alien Ants Behind The USA’s Political Campaigns Or Is It Us?

With this political season surmounting an all-time high on the absurdity meter, might there be something afoot that’s causing this black comedy of irrationality to be played out right before our non-believing eyes?

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How VoIP Modernizes Business Communications and Virtual ...

How VoIP Modernizes Business Communications and Vir...

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Elephant Owner For A Day Documents Experience On Rabadaba Social App

Uncovering stories about animals and pets, which melds the physical and virtual worlds. They are the stories that look at the animal kingdom through the prism of social media . . .

Screen shot 2016 08 01 at 10.05.35 am article

Alexa’s Unique Features Continue to Unfold For VoIP Users

With this advanced interface, Telzio customers – can talk to and make requests of – Alexa, the Voice of Echo. And they can do by simply using their smartphones — without the need for the physical cone-like device to be present

Screen shot 2016 07 23 at 7.27.58 am article

Predictive Analysis Tools for Small to Midsize Businesses

Small-to-midsize businesses can now take advantage of some of the predictive analysis tools previously reserved for big brands.

Screen shot 2016 07 13 at 8.27.45 am article

The Invention Of The Dallas Robot Bomb

InvIn the 21st Century, robots have become ever omnipresent in many areas of human endeavor. From IBM Watson’s ability to beat top-ranked contestants on the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy to drones...

Screen shot 2016 07 06 at 9.19.19 am article

SMBs vs Big Brands Virtually Adapting Faster to Virtual Work

While small-to-medium size businesses [SMBs] are challenged in trying to keep pace with big brands on many fronts, there is one arena . . .

Sir james dyson cyclonic vaccum cleaners article

James Dyson Awards 2016 Targets Design, Not Brand

While his name is synonymous with a revolutionary redesign and deconstruction of the standard vacuum cleaner, and his TV advertisements are a master class for inventors to promote their own products, industrial-design icon James Dyson is not a fan of branding.

Screen shot 2016 06 16 at 10.40.56 am article

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Good For SMBs

Microsoft announced on June 13 this acquisition deal valued at $26.2 billion, which breaks down to $196 per share.