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Journalist specializing in social media, marketing, digital media, editorials, politics, small business pets/animals and humor.

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Grassroots at Loggerheads with Big Business over Classic Loew’s Theatre Future

When a theater has a long and rich history the likes of the venerable 85-year old Loew’s Theatre in Jersey City, it holds a nostalgic place in the hearts and minds of its patrons.

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Barbara Meise: Ephemeral Artisan Stands the Test of Time

Barbara Meise: Ephemeral Artisan Stands the Test of...

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Uncollected Union Dues At Center Of JCMC's Court Case With NLRB

Jersey City Medical Center v. National Labor Relati...

Show me the money article

The Jersey City Independent»Blog » Is Hudson County’s Ambulance Chasing A Case of ‘Show Me the Money?’

The Jersey City Independent»
Blog » Is Hudson C...

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Neighborhood Spotlight: The Heights

Neighborhood Spotlight: The Heights

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Can City Apps Bring Transparent Data to Jersey City's Citizens?

As more and more cities open their data to the public, tech-savvy individuals and companies are creating APIs (application programming interfaces) to provide Web 2.0 solutions for a variety of city issues. How might this technological development help Jersey City's citizens better access and understand their government, all while saving the city money?

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Jersey City Resident Proposing Large-Scale Floating Marina

Raphael D'Angelis and his team have completed a design package to create a floating marina complex on 30 acres of land located between the Harborside Financial Center and the Newport Pier, jutting out approximately 100 feet from the coastline.

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The Jersey City Independent» Featured News Politics » Juan Perez ...

This year's election for Hudson County Sheriff pits two men who were at one time both Democrats and who have worked together in the office, against each other, as the existing sheriff, Juan Perez, and his undersheriff, Frank Schillari, are now opponents vying for the same seat.